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Gto pro SW2500 residential swing gate motor operator

For Sale: Gto pro SW2500 residential swing gate motor operator

Subject Gto pro SW2500 residential swing gate motor operator
Please read below for this operators specifications and features before purchasing:
The PROSW2500 Single Opener can be used in most residential applications including automating gates made of farm tubing, steel, aluminum, wood, and chain link, along with many other gate types. This opener can be set on the left or right and is used in the standard pull-to-open operation. By using the push-to-open bracket accessory the PROSW2500 can be used to push the gate open away from the property with the arms still mounted on the inside.
The PROSW2500 Single Opener is a low voltage system, eliminating the need to run 110 AC to your gate. Simply run 16-gauge low voltage to a household outlet within 1000'; of the operator or use a GTO solar panel. With the PROSW2500 oversized control box you can house a 2) 7 amp/hour batteries to accommodate higher opening cycle situations and extra storage for solar. (Second battery is not included) With the one provided battery the PROSW2500 can achieve 95 cycles/day and with an optional second battery the PROSW2500 can achieve 150 cycles/day. Each cycle is a full open and close and takes approximately 28 seconds each direction. Add the slave unit PRO2550 for a dual swing gate or you can purchase the complete dual kit #SW2502.
The GTO PRO SW-2500 is a popular selection for the basic residential gate application. A great value, and very affordable. One convenient feature of the GTO PRO 2500 is the oversized battery box that can house two (2) 7 amp/hour batteries - making it ideal for solar applications which recommend two batteries.
Designed for a single swing gate up to 500 lbs. and 16 ft. in length.
* For single gates up to 500 lbs. and 16 ft. in length.
* Easy installation, no welding.
* Low voltage system, no electrician required.
* COMMERCIAL FEATURE - Soft Start / Soft Stop feature increases life of the system.
* Large control box with room for extra battery and accessories.
* For all types of gates: chain link, tube, ornamental, wood and vinyl.
* Provides up to 225 cycles per day using transformer charger.
* UL APPROVED - obstruction sensing enhances gate operation safety.
* Adjustable gate activation alert and auto-close.
* 12-volt battery backup (included) opens and closes the gate even during power outage.
* For gates that open inward or outward.
* 24 month Limited Warranty.
* IMPORTANT: Solid gates create wind resistance and can affect the performance of the entire gate system. Call technical service for the best advice for your application.
GTO-PRO products listed here and other pages are registered trademarks of GTO, Inc.
Gate operator installations should be completed by a qualified installer only. Fast Access Security Corp. assumes no liability if product is installed incorrectly. Please see owners / installation manual for further details.
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Gto pro SW2500 residential swing gate motor operator Gto pro SW2500 residential swing gate motor operator Gto pro SW2500 residential swing gate motor operator